Thursday, January 27, 2011


Artists, when it's time to hit the studio make sure you take your creative thoughts with you. Do not try to imitate what you hear on the radio or try to meet the expectations of the music industry. Most artists now days are independent artists and do not have the money to gamble on their music like these Big Record Company's do. Therefore, if you imitate the records that are selling at that time by the time you get the money to put your record out, the music industry will have moved on to the next FAD! You can't compete with these Big labels! Make music that represents you but remember you have the power of LIFE and DEATH in your TONGUE! Take Tupac for instance, all he mostly talked about was dieing in most of his songs. Even though he did it so well that we all felt his pain he still SPOKE IT INTO EXISTENCE! Some say Tupac prophesied his own death, NO HE SPOKE IT INTO EXISTENCE! The more you speak on things and believe it in your heart it will eventually come to past. You may say; " well I talk about being rich in my songs", so why hasn't that come to past? Because you are not working on it! Even Tupac worked on his death. Yes he did! How? By making personal records that offended people. We were too busy laughing at what he said and who he said it about that we couldn't see he was working on his death even if he knew it or not. Artists talk rich talk in their songs but in their heart they don't believe it will ever happen. That's why artists now days are lazy, unfocused, immature because they don't take their talent serious and always worrying about radio play instead of getting out in the streets to the people who can promote you by word of mouth way better than a radio station could ever do! Facebook, myspace, twitter and every other site out there has been a Gift and a Curse to the inspiring artists! These sites enables the artists to reach areas that they can't financially make it to but at the same time it has weakened their drive to physically do whatever it takes to make it. All they want to do is sit in front of a computer posting ads about their mixtape coming soon. Some artists are on their10th mixtape and nobody has even HEARD THE FIRST ONE! Artists have become more concerned with quantity than QUALITY! So whats your real purpose as an artist? Some artists are more concerned with looking like an artist "first" before they master the art of making creative music! Appearance means nothing if the product is no good! Example, I was at the gym one day a loooooong time ago playing basketball. I had on the new Jordans, nike shorts and shirt and the head band to match. I was looking sharp! I was playing pretty good then these two guys came over and wanted to play me and my homebody. My homebody was equally as sharp as I was. We took clothes personal! Well these two guys had on Burger king uniforms and some lil flat k-mart looking shoes. We was looking at them like; for them to even ask to play us is an insult! CAN"T THEY SEE WE ROCKING THESE JORDANS!!!! Well we decided to run a quick game to 12 and why did we do that yall? Maaaaaaan!!!! These guys played like they had a contract! They shot our lights out!!! They crossed us up in our Jordans with their k-mart shoes on! Everything they shot went in! They beat us 12 to nothing 3 games straight!!!!!!!!! When they walked off the court me and my homeboy was looking at them saying; MAN WE GOTTA GO BUY A BURGER KING UNIFORM!!! lol!! That was my real life experience of how I learned to take my career too serious because there are people out there that will SHOOT YOUR LIGHTS OUT ON YOUR OWN COURT NO MATTER WHAT CAREER YOU HAVE CHOSEN!! It's time for everyone to get FOCUSED!
God Bless.

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