Monday, February 7, 2011


It seems to me that too many people are trying to be way too important. Why is it such an urgency to be in charge? Most people seek the title before they understand the job. All because they care about how other people see them. Never mind the fact that their work ethics do not match their title but they are satisfied with deceiving people. Some leaders are really followers but they just don't know that they are. For instance, if your Supervisor/Boss brings an idea to the table and put you in charge of the project and tells everybody that's involved in that project they have to see you for any and everything. You are in complete control! Fast fwd, the project is now complete and everything your Supervisor/Boss or Bishop has asked you to do, you did! You dotted every " I" and you crossed every " T"! Now does that make you a leader? Of course not! You are still an EXCELLENT FOLLOWER! See in order to be a leader you also have to be a GREAT THINKER. It's great that you can do exactly what your told but a true leader brings his or her own ideas to the table and not only bring them but see them through. Just because you can do a job does not mean you can be in charge of it because that's a whole different level. There's a saying that you can be a person of many jobs but a MASTER OF NONE! A true leader knows how to pick their team! A true leader knows how to motivate their team, teach them and then walk away in confidence knowing that the job will be done perfectly. If it's not done perfectly then you may need to reevaluate your LEADERSHIP SKILLS! Everybody can't lead and everybody can't follow (man that is) but we all have the ability to GROW IN GOD! Stop volunteering for things just for the sake of volunteering. There are some real God fearing people trying to excel but you are in their way trying to fight them for a title! A good leader also knows they are not the smartest (on the job) but what makes them brilliant is the fact that they are smart enough to incorporate a smarter person that will help get the job done! A leader can't do it all and definitely DO NOT KNOW IT ALL! If someone has not been around as long as you that does not mean you are more qualified. If everyone would try to better themselves inside out them we all can lead people to God! That's whats most important!

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