Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Are You ADDICTED To?

Who do you think about morning, noon and night? Who's name is always on the tip of your tongue? Who is it that makes your heart skip a beat? Who is the star of your thoughts? Who takes you on an emotional roller coaster? Who's messing with your mind? Who has you reading between the lines? Who have you been with all these years and all y'all have is all these years? Who is your sexual master? Who do you put before yourself or your kids? Who lies to you repeatedly and you still find a way to believe them? Who is the author of your hurt? Who dreams do you support but in return you get none? Who manipulates your mind? Who has control over you? Who have you changed your life for? Who keeps you from going to church?? Who do you give your money to instead of paying your tithes? Who ASKS like their your GOD? Who do you kick out then beg them to come back? Who do you cook and clean for while they complain? Who do you defend even when their wrong? Who has your full undivided attention? Who keeps you from hearing from GOD? Who comes to you late in the night and leaves early in the morning? Who do you keep trying to make happy while you ignore the fact that you're not? Who have you lost friends and family for? Who do you keep giving chance after chance to? Who is your ruler? Who controls whether you're happy or sad? Who are you following to your destruction? Who has brought you down with promises? Who do you put up with no matter what? Who promises they won't hit you again? Who has brought down your self esteem? Who have you trying to keep up with the Jones's? Who wants the better things in life but at your expense? Who do you allow to bring nothing to the table? Who do you allow to take credit for your hard work? Who disgusts you but you don't say nothing? Who are you so so tired of? Who is causing you to lose your mind? Who has caused you to lose faith in GOD? Who has broken your spirit? Who do you need to get rid of? When you put that one person name to all these questions: THAT"S WHO YOU ARE ADDICTED TO! (notice I never mentioned love) Get addicted to GOD and HE will give you what and who you need.
BE BLESSED and please accept my invite to my group!
-Davyne Dantzler

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