Saturday, January 22, 2011


Have you ever watched a great Hollywood story on the big screen? I mean the story line had a great beginning portraying the star of the movie as having everything together. They have the great job, the great bank account, an awesome home, the most beautifulest women Hollywood could find to be their wife and last but not least the star of the movie is loved by everyone! Their getting promoted on the job, more money coming in and life at their home is so so perfect. Then after about 50 min into the movie everything starts to become the complete opposite. Their great bank account has become frozen from debtors, their losing that awesome home, they are fired from that great job, everybody hates them now and that beautiful women has left. We spend another 45 minutes watching them suffer by losing everything. Then all of a sudden; THE MUSIC BEGINS TO PLAY and the star of the movie begins to reinvent themselves. While this turning point music is playing the star has taken charge of their life, they are beginning to bounce back, the job wants them back, their now owning the job that fired them and the women that left is begging to come back but the star has a new love which was someone that wasn't as beautiful but was the best person for their new life. See in Hollywood movies whenever you hear the music come on a little after halfway of the movie that means it is now the turning point of that persons life. This is also just like the light bulb coming on in your head to start changing your life. Hollywood has the right idea. Wouldn't it be awesome that in your real life when things start to get real real bad then all of a sudden your MUSIC COME'S ON and you begin to change everything you did that caused your problems in the first place. God is your music! When He plays all you have to do is listen and obey. Have you ever had a gut feeling or a heavy conscience about something? Well you can best believe that's not the devil trying to help you. So before you keeping trying everything your way and continuously keep losing, I suggest you let your music play!!!!!
God Bless
-Davyne Dantzler

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