Friday, January 21, 2011


I thank you Father for choosing me inspite of all my failures and short comings. I thank you Father for choosing me when the world would not accept. My past is no match for your undeserving grace that covers us all. The world judges people by what they can see before them which leads them to either condemn or exalt each other. I'm so glad our thoughts are not your thoughts and our ways are not your ways. In a world so full of negativity it's no wonder people won't accept what Jesus did at the cross as the GOOD NEWS! For many people they live their lives as though what Jesus did at the cross means nothing or did nothing. Everybody wants to be blessed daily but not many want to live a life of thanks. If people really understood that evil is trying to attack them 24 hrs a day and that it's only because of God's arms of protection around us that we don't experience the evil's. But when a storm comes your way Christian or not God's grace is still there. When are we going to take account for our OWN LIFE? Why is it so important to some people about other peoples failures and short comings? Why are some people so possessed with how others are living their life? Father I put all my trust in You. I am so fascinated with all the wonderful stories in the Bible and I love Father when You reveal things to me and me only. You said this is my season and that it would not be easy. Thank you Jesus Christ for your ultimate sacrifice on Calvary! I stand here today the righteous because of your finished work at the cross. Continue to ordered my steps and I will forever be your faithful servant living a life of thanks! Bless!
Also, Keep in mind your help is needed for the completion of Davyne's gospel cd! Make a credit card donation of your choice to the Jam Room Studio @ 803-787-6908 on Mon-Fri 10a to 5p or send a check or money order made out to the Jam Room Studio Address: 201 South Prospect St. Columbia, SC 29205-4066. Help minister God's truth through Davyne's music. I really need your help. Thank u.
-Davyne Dantzler

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